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Our Services

Commercial and technical management, financial accounting, leasing, construction management – comprehensive services around surrounding your property.

Commercial Administration

As part of our commercial administration services, we can take care of the property accounting, economic planning, contracts, claims and cost management. Moreover, utility bills, rent increases, rental management and control of the external service providers are also among our central tasks.

Technical Management

As part of our technical management, we monitor the condition of the building, create a technical budget, control the on-going maintenance, ensure cost optimisation and control facility management as well as the recording and regulation of insurance losses.

Commercial Property Management

We manage your real estate and place our focus especially on the development and implementation of individual use and operator concepts, tenant acquisition, contract and space management, conducting contract negotiations and operational cost optimisation. The management of commercial real estate requires specialized legal knowledge about the possibilities of designing individual contracts. Along with precise accounting, this results in the intended economic success.

Financial Accounting

Rent and financial accounting from a single source in order to optimise costs and shorten processes! We offer you integrated, tailored solutions all the way to corporate consolidation. Via the preparation of monthly, quarterly and annual financial statements, cash flow and budget analysis with target-actual comparisons, we provide you with the necessary basis for your decisions.


On request, our team of residential and commercial property experts markets your residential and commercial properties. Our employees are aware of the Berlin market due to their long-standing rental experiences. An efficient hand-in-hand corporation between the local agent and the technical department leads to seamless lease renewals and a low turnover vacancy. The vacancy rate of our management portfolio is less than 1 per cent. For rentals in other regions, we make use of a contact network of agents throughout the country.

Construction Monitoring, Modernisation, Privatisation, Division

You would like to modernise, remodel, split, reorganize a unit or an entire old building, convert residential and commercial units or expand an attic? Our construction team, consisting of architects, engineers and draftsmen, takes over the construction management and offers numerous services: for example, floor plan design, tendering, contract negotiations, commissions according to the VOB Standard, construction management, audits, acceptance of construction work and warranty monitoring.

For an intended division, we will happily prepare measurements and room datasheets, we apply for certificates of completion, plan floor plan changes, evaluate the division potential, support sales, conduct cost accounting and hand over the property to owners’ association management.